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Sup guys its godzgamer<-- Youtuber here and its me ThebuliderMC <-- on roblox and helperbulider <-- Scratch Here is my roblox link: and my scratch link: Youtube link: I really do like undertale, roblox, Call Of Duty, and Minecraft. Also I will keep update on my tycoons. I wish i have Builders Club because I wanted to post my (Alpha) War Tycoon, (Aplha) Speedrun, and my (Alpha) Hotel Tycoon. Well i will keep update weather I replace my War Tycoon to My speed run or to my Hotel Tycoon. My schedule for my games: (Alpha) Hotel Tycoon <-- stay for one week, (Alpha) War Tycoon <-- stay for one week, and (Alpha) Speedrun <-- Stay for one week and will loop over and over again.

Well that is all to know about me :D bye and also keep on a update :D

About me and what i likeEdit

Hi I like Roblox, Scaratch, Undertale, Call Of Duty, and Minecraft!! I am a boy that is skilled at animating on roblox and sucks at scipting! well thank you for wasting your time reading this :P

Latest activityEdit

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my letter H

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